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Always On Top Maker V1.00 (Freeware) 

What is Always On Top Maker?
Sometimes, for simplifying the operate, you need to make an application on top of other applications, but this application has not "always on top" option, or sometimes you need to make an application not always on top, in these conditions, you need Always On Top Maker, it is a tiny tool to make a window "always on top(TOPMOST)", or, make a topmost window not always on top. It's run on Windows 9x, Windown ME, WindowsNT, Windows 2000 an Windows XP.
How to use and FAQ of Always On Top Maker?
Unzip the you download to anywhere you want and run AlwaysOnTopMaker.exe, then you can use 2 hot-keys, one is CTRL-ALT-T, to switch the foreground application "always on top"/"not always on top", the other hotkey is CTRL-ALT-Q, to exit Always On Top Maker.
- If you want to customize the hot-key, please try shareware UltraKeyboard
- Using Mouse to switch a window "always on top", please try UltraMouse

You say "CTRL-ALT-T, to switch the foreground application ...", then what "foreground application" is?

Foreground application is the application you currently working with, in default color setting, the title-bar of foreground application is blue, as the picture.

How can I know if Always On Top Maker is running?
Try to turn an application always on top by "CTRL-ALT-T", if Always On Top Maker is currently running, you will hear a beep, "CTRL-ALT-T" again to switch the application not always on top.

Making an application always or not always on top use the same hotkey, then how can I know what operation I am running?
Try "CTRL-ALT-T", if it turns a window always on top, you will hear a beep, if it turns a window not always on top, you will hear nothing and the application is turned to the bottom of other applications.

Install and Un-install?
Always On Top Maker is a Tiny one, zip package only 6k! No installation needed (of course you need unzip it); only one file is must-have.
If you like it just put it anywhere and run it, if you dislike it, just delete it and nothing will be left in your system :)

If you are German Users, click HERE to download, zip file include German readme.txt; German version using Ctrl-Alt-E to exit.

Absolute freeware, neither spyware nor adware
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Download (6k!)